Bupa MiFund Payment Plan

Ask your dentist about Bupa MiFund and we can generate a payment plan that allows you to pay for your treatment by direct debit. We will show you how much your repayment installments would be, right in our practice in a matter of seconds.

The steps

  1. We enter the cost of maximum treatment - as per your treatment plan
  2. Select the MiFund product
  3. We will then show you the plan details
  4. If you want to apply, we will send you an application link, from there you simply add your contact details
  5. You will automatically receive an SMS/email so that you can complete it on your phone, PC, tablet or laptop
  6. MiFund will then quickly process the application

Once your plan has been approved, we will book in your appointment and your dental treatment will continue as normal. 

Want more information? Call us on (02) 9601 2260 or contact us online.

Products that we offer

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