Anxious Patients

Gas, General Anaesthetic off premises,

At Moorebank Dental we understand the anxiety that can arise from seeing the dentist. Our goal is to provide a relaxing environment and ensure all our patients remain comfortable.

To help you feel at ease, we also offer Happy Gas and General Anaesthetic, both of which have been designed with anxious patients in mind.

Happy Gas:

Commonly known as Happy Gas, Nitrous Oxide is used extensively in medicine as a safe anaesthetic for both adults and children with no side effects. Providing a painless, relaxed feeling for the entirety of the dental treatment its effects will cease and our patients will regain full functionality only a few minutes after ceasing inhalation.

General Anaesthetic (Dental Treatment Whilst Asleep)

If you are particularly anxious about visiting the dentist, for certain procedures we also offer General Anaesthetic. General Anaesthetic will render you unconscious, shutting down the body’s sensations such as pain and sensibility and allow our dentist to perform the procedure while you are essentially ‘asleep’.

Always discuss your options with the dentist before going through with Happy Gas or going under General Anaesthetic.

General Anaesthetic treatment is performed by Dr John Levas with a skilled anaesthetist, at Liverpool Day Surgery in Chipping Norton. For further information please refer to the link.