The TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint, is that which connects your jaw to your skull. It is responsible for allowing your jaw to move freely so that you can communicate, bite and chew. The TMJ can sometimes become misaligned and inflamed, causing headaches, migraines and even muscle spasms. Further problems affecting the nerves surrounding the TMJ can also send shooting pain around the ears.

Treatment options for relieving symptoms of TMJ issues include:

  • Wearing a ‘TMJ Splint’, a specially designed mouthguard, while sleeping.
  • Regularly practicing relaxation techniques and stretching exercises to restore natural movement.
  • Correcting an uneven bite through other procedures such as fillings, crowns or even orthodontic braces.

The dentists at Moorebank Dental are highly experienced in diagnosing TMJ issues and relieving any symptoms. If you believe you are experiencing any symptoms which may relate to TMJ issues call us today to discuss your options.

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