Mouthguards are an essential accessory to anyone who actively partakes in any contact sport such as rugby, soccer or martial arts. A Mouthguard protects your teeth and jaw from harmful impacts that could otherwise result in chipped, broken or lost teeth.

Unfortunately not all mouthguards are created equal and many people are not receiving the protection they need. Store purchased, or ‘boil and bite’, mouthguards often provide only minimal protection, fail to cover the entire set of teeth or require the wearer to clench in order to keep the mouthguard in place. These mouthguards are often bulky and can make it difficult to breathe or communicate.

At Moorebank Dental Centre, our dentists are able to custom design a mouthguard to personally fit your set of teeth. A custom mouthguard gives your mouth the best protection possible and is generally more comfortable to wear than store bought varieties.

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