At Moorebank Dental we believe that in order to facilitate the highest standard of comfort and results for our patients it is necessary that all of our treatments, procedures and technologies remain current and up-to-date. To keep you in-the-loop of just how these technologies help us to deliver these results we have provided a brief outline of what they are and what they do.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Low dose, digital x-rays have revolutionised x-ray technology in terms of efficiency, accuracy and safety. Emitting on a fraction of the radiation (90% less) of traditional x-rays the results are highly accurate and can be viewed almost instantaneously on the practice computer screen. This allows for your dentist to more efficiently gain a complete overview of your oral health and advise you on any potential problem areas and treatment options.

Intra-Oral Camera

An intra-oral camera is a state of the art dental device that guides patients on an interactive tour of their mouth. An intra-oral camera looks much like a pen and is used to check the condition of a patients teeth and gums. Advantageously, the device helps patients understand their dental needs as well as assisting the dentist to better tailor a patient's treatment plan requirements.